Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beauty | The Pink Lip Edit - Part 2

Pink and Berry Lips - Tanned Skin - Revlon Just Bitten

1st row left   | Revlon Honey - Girls with deeply pigmented lips could probably continue to live their lives without ever bothering with this one. The colour is so light and the pay off so weak that I'd be better off slathering a bit of Vaseline's Touch of Pink on my lips. And that’s £1.99 as opposed to £8! Full review here.

1st row right | Revlon Sultry - Velvet matte. Lovely application for a product of this texture, but beware when using it on your winter lips, because this can accentuate dryness. Staying power is good. Against my skin, I would consider Sultry to be a nude, which is funny because it's a full-on, deep, dusky pink on others. Full review here.

2nd row left   | Revlon Lovesick - Bright, blue-toned pink. Nice, balmy texture that leaves behind an even stain after a couple of hours. Slight scent of mint. Full review here.

2nd row right | Revlon Crush - The dark one. Deep, neutral berry. Looks a bit like you've rubbed raspberry juice all over your mouth but in a good way. Nice. Texture, stain and scent as above. This would be a great transition colour for people used to light lips but looking to venture over to the dark side. Full review here.
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