Saturday, 10 January 2015

Beauty | Barry M Lip Stains in Infinite Pink (436) and Eternal Coral (438)

Barry M Lip Stain-0434

It's official-- I've moved over to the dark side where I now own more lip products than any one person could use in a lifetime. The most recent additions to the collection are from Barry M's lip stain line: numbers 436 (Infinite Pink) and 438 (Eternal Coral). I was browsing the ASOS sale when I came across these two, so they were a risky, no-swatch purchase and I've got to admit: when they arrived and I got a real look at them, I was sure that I had made a terrible, terrible mistake. Both of these shades are BRIGHT. Looking at them in the tube evokes images of frenzied carnivals or glow tubes at a 3am rave. 438 is an electric, coral pink that screams summer, whilst 436 is a fluorescent, vibrant bubblegum that wouldn't look out of place on Nikki Minaj circa 2013.

Despite my initial reaction and the accompanying hyperbole, I’ve found a way to work these stains to my benefit. Once I'd recovered from the shock I experienced when looking at it in the tube, I actually found that 438 is wearable when worn to full opacity but particularly enjoyable when applied lightly for a sheer wash of colour—sure, it’s bright, but I find that it’s quite flattering with my skin tone. 436 is an entirely different beast, however. There must be about 50 shots of me trying... and failing… to work with this lip stain. Cringe. Worn to full opacity, this creates a full on, let’s-go-raving, 'I-don’t-think-you’re-ready-for-this-jelly' impact. And I am not ready. What I am ready for, however, is a small dab of it in the centre of the lips and blended out slightly to create an ombre effect (not photographed, my bad!); I like to think this makes me look a little ~ulzzang~, like a cutesy Korean popstar. Dreams can come true, right?

The reason I decided to buy these in the first place is because they’re described as 'velvet', 'matte' ‘stains’-- the three magic buzz words that I love so much. With lips that are oiler than a greasy kebab on a Friday night, I can’t hold a standard formula very well and welcome anything that is semi-permanent. Although these feel and look very much like a standard lipstick when applied initially, they do wear down to reveal quite a strong and even stain that has fair lasting power. I'm pretty sure they have a dark burgundy shade in this line, too. And the devil on my shoulder is telling me that I should probably try it.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beauty | Review - Soap and Glory - Love at First Blush - Pink, Pop & Pearl

Soap and Glory Love at first blush pink pop and pearl

Ever since picking up the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush palette and becoming a teensy bit infatuated with Incandescent Electra, I've been desperately trying to get my hands on a dupe because I fear the day that I hit pan on this limited edition shade. I'm that person who, on finding jeans that aren't completely unflattering, will buy 2+ pairs in the knowledge that one day they will be discontinued and I'll never find any that fit ever again.* Sigh, That's what Incandescent Electra does to me.

Wandering around Boots the other day whilst waiting on a prescription, my attention was caught by Soap and Glory's Pink, Pop & Pearl, as it seemed-- in the pan and after a quick swatch-- to be a candidate for leaving me with that healthy, non-glittery glow that Incandescent Electra is so, so good at giving. When I finally got a chance to try it out on my face, I was, first and formostly, bedazzled by how shiny my cheeks had become. Now I know this is called a 'shimmer blush powder' but I wasn't prepared for THE SHEEN. Just look at my cheeks-- I mean, how can you miss them?

Soap and Glory Love at first blush pink pop and pearl*This is no joke-- I currently live my life wearing nothing but my 3 pairs of black H&M jeans on a rotation. I even noticed the other day that the fabric is starting to thin between the legs of one pair and that's when I knew I had to reevaluate my life and my choices. 
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