Saturday, 13 December 2014

Wardrobe | Winter Wear - Uniqlo Fleece Snood

Uniqlo Fleece Snood and Miss Selfridge Coat

With winter comes a few nice things, such as big woolly knits, the Christmas spirit and a convincing veil for my severe case of hermit-itis. But one thing I'm sure most of us can't bear about this time of year is the cold. Some people seem to manage the winter quite well; take my boyfriend, for instance, who only started wearing a light jacket to work last week. I've been wearing my bobble hat and gloves during my morning commute all year. That includes July and August-- I wish I was joking. 

In an attempt to keep myself as warm as possible over these next few months, I went out on a hunt for the biggest, cosiest, most ridiculous scarf that I could find. And of course, Uniqlo had the answer. Just look at that snood and my happy, happy face. Fleece lined with a chunky knit exterior? Get all over my body. I put this on as soon as it arrived at work and don't think I've taken it off since. I've had to put J in the spare room-- this is my boyfriend now. 
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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas | How to Decorate Your Christmas Cake

How to Decorate a Christmas Cake - Marzipan Icing- Set2-0486

Myself and Angi (of iidifferentworlds— incredible illustrator and blogger) got talking about putting together a couple of collaborative posts to help our readers make the most out of Christmas this year, and we both thought that tackling the delicious subject of Christmas Bakes would be a good direction to go in. So today, I decided that I would put together a post detailing how you can decorate your very own Christmas cake this year. I think icing a cake can seem quite intimidating and time-consuming if it's not something you've tried before, so my intention with this post is to give you a straightforward guide to putting together an impressive looking cake, with the least amount of effort possible! Once you're done here, go take a look at Angi's festive biscuit tutorial

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Beauty | Review: Benefit Sugarlicious Palette

Benefit Sugarlicious Deliciously Nude Lip & Cheek 2-0305

If you're a fan of the luminous, "HOLD-ON------IS-THAT-A-CHRISTMAS-BAUBLE-OR-TASH'S-WONDERFUL-FACE?" look, then Benefit's Sugarlicious palette is probably going to be a good fit for you. Packed with some of Benefits most popular products, this kit works wonders towards creating that soft, glowing-from-within look that so many of us are after. I was given this palette as a gift last Christmas but it's in these darker, more miserable months that I've been looking for ways to fake that summer glow, especially now that my skin is about as dry as a bottle of wine in the company of gossip.

So, what's in the box?
  • Benefit Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 4ml
  • Benefit High Beam Luminscent Complexion Enhancer 4ml
  • Benefit Sugarbomb "Sugar Rush Flush" Face Powder 3g
  • Benefit Ultra Plush Sugarbomb Lip Gloss 6.5ml
Benefit Sugarlicious Deliciously Nude Lip & Cheek Kit-0315

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