Sunday, 31 August 2014

Monthly Favourites | August 2014

It seems like only yesterday it was the end of July and I was sweating profusely in the summer sun whilst chowing down on Eton mess and contemplating wearing maxi skirts to work in an out-of-character bid to be more feminine and fancy free (of course, that didn't happen and I ended up in a shirt, cardigan and black jeansmy 'Life Uniform'like I do every other day of the year). How September has come around so quickly, I will never know. But, digressions behind me, here are the things I've been putting on my face a lot this month:

August Favourites 2014-0161

From top, left, to right:

  • Barry M's Eyshadow Pencil in #5
  • Benefit's Eye Bright
  • No 7 StayPerfect Lipstick in Sultry
  • Collection Blush in #02 Bashful
  • Rimmel Clear Complexion 'Clarifying' Powder in #021 Transparent
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in #35
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in #56 Light Bronze
August Favourites 2014-0141
Wearing every. single. one. of my August favourites. Don't let the fabulous lighting fool you, by the way--  it is hiding a multitude of skin frustrations. Follow the cut link below to find out more!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Muji Haulin' - Hairpin Storage

Lovin' you is easy 'cause you're beautiful. Doobey doo doo-doo. It's no secret that I love Muji. Simple, sturdy, practical, beautiful Muji. It seems to have the answer to so many of life's non-problem problems: I've got a hair pin non-problem problem, and my problem is that I can never find one when I need it, so I'm constantly on the look out for small, hairpin-sized storage. For a while I'd been using a case that came with some headphones my brother gifted me, but every time I unzipped the case it would start raining pins. 

My search for a new case had been proving fruitless, so you can just imagine the sound I made when I saw these tiny little boxes in Muji yesterday, and for under £1 each, no less! I was so excited about them that I also bought a set of 20 hairpins to begin living in one of them immediately.


Monday, 25 August 2014

Review: Bobbi Brown Blush in Tawny

I've already professed my love for Bobbi Brown's Apricot in this post, so it won't be too surprising for me to say that I've bought another one of BB's blushes and I'm a little bit head over heels for this one, too. Tawny is a beautiful, rich, dusty pink colour with the slightest whispers of brown; it strikes me as one of those universally flattering shades that is incredibly easy to wear. The colour pay off is even and the texture is like plush, soft velvet. The staying power, as with Apricot, is very good as the colour remains vibrant even after 8 hours at work! There's not a lot more to say about this one, really. It's a beautiful product and I would recommend it in a heart beat. 

Bobbi Brown Blush in Tawny

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Anniversary Weekend

Last week, my boyfriend and I celebrated 6 years together with a visit to ZSL London Zoo*, much to the amusement of my family and the man who sold me my train ticket at the Station. Once our day in London was over, we went home, ate a ton of food and played couples trivia for hours. Perfect. More than a week later, our long Anniversary weekend seems like a misty, water-coloured memory, though there's no denying that it was a great while it lasted.

London Zoo ZSL

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Red Lip Edit

Let's Paint the Town Red - Red Lips. Bourjois, Revlon, Mac, Max Factor

If you watch Eastenders, you will have seen that Ronnie Mitchell was re-introduced to The Square last year and ended up murdering one of Phil's screw-faced rivals before fleeing to Ibiza to have a good think about what she had done. Anyway, on her return, in an attempt to make it absolutely clear that she was furious with life, love and everything else in between, the directors ensured that her wardrobe consisted of scarlet dresses, that her nails were painted a perfect shade of flaming crimson at all times and that she woke up in the morning wearing the same vermilion lipstick that she went to bed in the night before (television does love to perpetuate the myth of 24-hour make up). Needless to say, a post about the colour red and all of its associations is befitting the times. And besides, I've had these photographs laying around for weeks.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cut Make Trim Discount Code for Readers!

Cut Make Trim's 13" Satchel in Fox Tan

Update December 2014: New Cut Make Trim code for December 2014! Enter the code CHRISTMASEXTRAORDINAIRE  to access a Buy 1 Get One Half Price offer on the Cut Make Trim website!

You may recall my recent review of Cut Make Trim's 13" satchel? Well, CMT have been in touch again and are kindly offering 50 of my readers a 20% discount on their bags when entering the code abrimfuloftasha at the checkout on their website. The code works on a first come, first served basis so if you've read around and feel like giving them a try, this could be quite a good time to do so! As well as my own review, you will also find others on the internet if you're interested in finding out a bit more information before you take the plunge; I know that there are quite a few bloggers who have written some pretty good reviews of their barrel bag, for instance.

Finally, just to say: although Cut Make Trim have approached me to review one of their products and consequently offered to give A Brimful of Tasha readers a 20% discount, there are no affiliation links in this post or any others and there is no monetary gain in it for me-- only a little bit of personal kudos if you're happy with your purchase!

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I guess I'm supposed to say something quirky like "make lemonade!" but I think I'm going to reserve such sentiments for those whose lemons come in the form of bad haircuts or no umbrella on a rainy day, like mine once did. I am nowhere near being able to make metaphorical lemonade with the sour offerings that I've been dealt but I wanted to put together a blog post nevertheless, so here are some of my tips on keeping it together when you can barely get out of bed but need to go to work because life goes on unfortunately and you have bills to pay on account of your being an adult now:

1. Get out of bed. There is nothing worse than laying in bed dwelling on what's happening to you. It magnifies it all. Get up, put your make up on and go. Weekends are the worst for me for this: I find myself waking up at the crack of dawn despite anxiety leaving me sleepless during the week and willing myself to go back to sleep. Alas, no bueno. This just allows bigger knots of anxiety and nausea to build up inside of me. Get up. Get distracted.

2. Get a good concealer. If, like me, you are unable to sleep when it's the only thing you actually want to do anymore, you are going to wake up in the morning looking like you've been punched in both of your eyes. I've been wearing my trusty Collection 2000 concealer in #4 and it's been working a treat. For a product that's under £5, it's a miracle. It covers up my dark circles and helps to hide the glossy, water-swollen, slug-looking bags that I develop after an evening of feeling sorry for myself.

3. Wear waterproof mascara or no mascara at all. I was the envy of my mum when, heading into town after another depressingly fruitless hospital appointment, I asked her if she could tell I had been crying and she replied "No, you look great. My eyes are all red and horrible after I cry". Result. I was wearing Clinique's Bottom Lash on my top and bottom lashes that day, and although NOT ECONOMICAL IN THE LEAST (there is a measly 2ml in the container) it is the most impressive waterproof mascara I have ever tried. Granted, I've run out now so I go mascara free but this is the stuff for you if you know you're going to have something to cry about.  

4. Put on a good quality blush. When you feel that your existence has become an endless nightmare, there are many things worse than blotchy makeup, but the last thing you need when you already feel like you're climbing out of the fiery, relentless pits of hell is streaky cheeks.* I've found that the Shu Uemera Glow On Blush I bought a couple of months ago is quite tough in the face of my many tears. Like this condition I'm now having to live with it, it just will not budge. *The hyperbole is shameless, I know.

5. Have water available at all times. Colleague starts talking to you and you can feel a rock-hard ball of devastation building up in your throat? GULP THAT SORROWFUL MASS DOWN. Though the numerous glasses of water I got through last week wreaked havoc on my bladder, they prevented any embarrassing, teary breakdowns from occurring at my desk. Again, another result. 

6. Try to go on as normal. I am failing miserably at this right now but you should try as much as you can to do what you like to do, or what you need to do. Starving myself unintentionally during the first two weeks of this ultimately did more bad than good, and shutting myself off from my friends and work colleagues is probably going to prove detrimental, so I definitely recommend against all of these things. Eat healthily to keep your strength up. Try to let people in, or at least, try not to shut them out. Write blog posts if that's what you like to do. Pick up your camera. Try not to push everyone and everything you know away.

And that's it for now. Let's be honest, this post is a gigantic, shameless Pity Party that I've gone ahead and thrown for myself, but it would be wonderful if it ended up being useful for somebody else. There are many things worse in life than what I'm going through, I recognise that completely, but I think I'm still allowed to feel like this is all a bad dream and pray that I will wake up soon.

Thanks for reading.

Image credit: Unknown. Please contact me if the above illustration belongs to you.
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