Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Fragrance Free)

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Fragrance Free)

Last week I had to take a couple of days off work because my body decided to go into meltdown on the first day back after the holidays. I spent both days either wiping my nose or clogging it with haphazardly crafted tissue bullets, and before I knew it, the skin around my nostrils was flaking off one epidermal layer at a time. With red, raw sores beginning to develop and Vaseline failing to provide any comfort, I became desperate and began rummaging around the flat for the most heavy-duty moisturiser that I could find.

It wasn't long before I came across one of my many retired make up bags and found a miniature tube of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, which had been kindly passed on to me by a friend some months before. Recalling the hazy memory of a fellow trainee teacher reeling off the benefits of this product, I took a leap of faith and slathered it all over my nose. And there it was. Instant relief. I had found the dry-skin Holy Grail.

This stuff is honestly amazing. It hasn't not been somewhere on my body since I've discovered it: I use it on my lips and it makes them softer than anything I've ever used before; spread it my cuticles; use it to calm and magically erase dry skin everywhere on my body I even put it on the tight skin between my brows and it didn't irritate my skin at all. 

With a viscosity and overall texture not entirely dissimilar to Vaseline, your initial reaction is to shun it as all fur coat and no knickers entirely useless despite the hype and doing nothing more than covering the issue for a while, whilst clogging up delicate skin. But this isn't the case here at all. Unlike Vaseline and other similar products, Eight Hour Cream seems to be soaked up by the skin and has soothing and calming properties which you can feel working almost immediately. 

At full retail price, this cream will set you back £26. TWENTY SIX POUNDS FOR 50ML OF PRODUCT. It's a little painful, but when the day comes that my tiny sample tube runs out, I will end up purchasing another... because I quite honestly cannot get enough.

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