Monday, 25 February 2013

Travelling for the first time: Hong Kong

At the beginning of LAST year, I put together a list of all the things I wanted to achieve, and amazingly I ended up managing all but one-- to visit Hong Kong. My boyfriend visits the city quite often because the majority of his family live there, and we've always said how amazing it would be if I could come along with him. Up until a couple of weeks ago it was a distant dream, but on the day before Chinese New Year we finally booked tickets to visit.

I have NEVER been abroad before and I don't know what to expect. I've done the major things like making sure I'm insured and booking myself in for vaccinations at the doctors, but I'm not even sure what I should bring. What should I put in my hand luggage? What kind of/how much clothing should I bring? What kind of make up should I pack? Anybody have any advice?

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February 2013 Wish List

It's half term, and according to the non-teaching portion of society I'm enjoying one of the many holidays which I don't actually deserve and should be incredibly grateful for. The reality of the situation, however, is that I'm in a weird, fidgety mood where I can't relax OR get on with the Everest-sized pile of work I have to get through, because, you know, I'm so stressed about it that I don't even know where to start. 

SO, to curb my restlessness/panic/what-am-I-doing-with-my-life period of crisis, I've thrown together a Wish List... because no matter how stressed you are, there's always time to be materialistic. 

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