Saturday, 24 March 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters in Macaroon and Tutti Frutti

Revlon Lip Butters in Macaroon and Tutti Frutti

I FINALLY got my hands on a couple of the highly sought after Revlon Lip Butters now that they have been released in the UK. I tried to order some the night they were released on the Boots website, but unfortunately I was tardy to the party (half an hour late to be precise) and everything was sold out. Thankfully though, I checked  back last weekend and they were all back again! Then to make things even better, it was 2 for £10 as opposed to the usual RRP of £7.99 each ^_^

I did originally add four different colours to my basket, but I really don't need that many so I narrowed it down to two and decided on Macaroon and Tutti Frutti:

Left: Macaroon; Right: Tutti Frutti
Out of all of the colour choices, Tutti Frutti was the most appealing to me and the first I added to my basket on the site. I know this seems pretty odd considering I never really gravitate towards bright-coloured make-up, but  I've always really liked the idea of an orange/peachy colour on the lip, but have never come across something fairly sheer like the Revlon Lip Butters. When Tutti Frutti arrived, I was really really pleased to find that it was almost exactly what I wanted. You can see in the photograph that it's actually quite a nice peach colour, which I feel is really quite wearable (not the first word that comes to mind when you catch that initial glance of it in the tube)!

Tutti Frutti 

Although I say Tutti Frutti is exactly what I wanted/hoped for, I did have a strange experience with it at University! I wore it out this morning and thought everything was fine,  but on reapplying later it just looked SO VIBRANT and *ORANGE* in the bathroom lighting. I think I need some kind of natural-light generator (i.e. the sun) in my bedroom in the morning so that I can see what I'm wearing really looks like. I'm a bit concerned that in reality I actually look like a traffic cone while wearing this, despite it appearing to be a pretty muted peachy colour in my bedroom and in the pictures :-/ Ah. I guess you can build up the colour on this one and make it as bright as you want, really. I think I'll just stick with one modest swipe!

Anyway, below is a picture of me ~modelling~ xD Macaroon  ^_^ This one is really quite pigmented and has the tiniest bit of gold sparkle in it, but I don't really notice it on my lips. But yeah, yes (I'm so tired and lethargic right now I'm struggling to write a coherent post!) yes, Macroon is a really nice colour and I can see myself using it quite a lot. Again, like Tutti Frutti, I feel you can really build this up to get a stronger colour depending on your preference.

Macaroon and I've-been-working-for-7-hours--I'm-bloody-knackered smudged eye liner.
Longevity: I've got to say that the staying power of these butters... sucks. They barely last on my lips for an hour, perhaps even less. Granted, many things work differently depending on the person using them, so it doesn't mean these butters won't last better for you ^_^

That's balmy!: How did I forget to talk about the MOISTURE FACTOR of these butters?! It's great. Yup. When I wear these I don't really feel the need to apply any extra lip balm or anything, and my lips are constantly drying out so that's saying a lot.

Just to conclude here, I would definitely recommend the Revlon Lip Butters to other people, particularly if like me, you like the idea of colour on your lips, but actual lipsticks scare and intimidate you. They're also quite practical in that they are actually quite competent at being a moisturising balm for the lips. Thanks, Revlon!

P.s. I'm using a 35mm prime lens at the moment and as much as I love the improved quality of the photographs, face shots are so CLOSE and awkward. Soz. 

I need my bed~ ;__;

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review: Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot

£Too much
A few nights ago, probably while avoiding work, I found that I had begun convincing myself that I needed a new concealer and possibly a new blush. I do actually need a new concealer because the one I currently use (MAC NW30) is just slightly too pink for me, and I believe Bobbi Brown's are all yellow based. Anyway, I added Honey to my basket and found myself browsing their blush selection. For a very long time I was into rusty/bronze/red blushes, but I'm a big fan of medium-toned pinks lately. I added Nectar to my cart at first, but for some reason-- I honestly can't even recall now--I removed it and added Apricot instead. After looking at some swatches and reading reviews about Apricot online (AFTER buying it, I know, I know), I was slightly concerned that it would be far too bright and wouldn't work for my skin at all, but it arrived yesterday and I've decided that... It's perfect.

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