Friday, 27 January 2012

This is really late, but Happy Chinese New Year!

So, last week Saturday my boyfriend and I went to London to celebrate Chinese New Year early with his parents. We ate at our usual--Lido, China Town--and once his parents left we wandered around and took lots of pictures. I also visited Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament for the very first time; I didn't go inside, though ;__;

Chinese Lanterns #1

Friday, 13 January 2012

Review: Unii Palette


I can't remember when I first heard about the Unii palette or why I decided to type it into Google last week, but I did, and I found out that they have a UK site now! Needless to say, I placed an order despite having never depotted an eye-shadow in my life; despite not having any eye-shadows pans to put in it; and despite telling myself that I really don't need one at all. HOWEVER, I'm glad that I ignored all of these very logical reasons against buying the palette, because it's absolutely beautiful.

Website: I'm always skeptical about buying from new websites, but everything here was straight forward and despite paying under £3 for delivery at around 4pm, the palette arrived THE NEXT DAY. 
Colour: Crystal
Price: £15.00 (This is currently an ~introductory~ price and I'm not sure when it will change!)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

NYX Single Eye-shadows: How to depot eye-shadows from the new packaging


The UK website for NYX cosmetics was offering 20% off for a while (I think it ends today!) and so I decided to bite the bullet and try some of them out. I do already own a couple of NYX trio palettes which I found in House of Fraiser, but I desperately wanted to try their singles as I'd heard some pretty good things about them. I bought 7 eyeshadows which were £3.60 each after the discount, and insofar I'm pretty impressed with the quality!

I ordered the shadows from and I've got to say the service was pretty good for me. There was an issue with the site and Paypal payment, but I got a reply from customer service within half an hour (it was probably about 11pm at this point!) and they informed me that everything went through fine, but they are currently trying to sort out an issue they have which means that it LOOKS as though your order wasn't recognised. But yes, delivery is £4.50 which is pretty steep, but it was fast. They do say they try to get your order to you within 1-2 days of ordering, but of course with it being a weekend my order wasn't processed until Monday, and I got them today!

I justified buying 7 new eyeshadows because I wanted something to put in my new Unii palette (I know, I know). I do have the odd eyeshadow laying around which I use quite frequently--like my Barbara Daly ones, for example-- but I found them IMPOSSIBLE to depot. I actually smushed one in the process :( R.I.P. Luxxe. 

Anyway, I haven't taken any swatches or anything because there are quite a lot of those laying about, and the main purpose of this post was to just quickly tell you how I depotted these shadows. Now, I've noticed that there are two different types of packaging when it comes to these eyeshadows. The first is similar to MAC eye-shadows in that you can kind of flick the top layer with the eyeshadow off by jamming something sharp into the seam:

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