Saturday, 15 October 2011

Goodies from Japan/Hong Kong!


It has been such. a. long. time. I'm currently busy learning how to be a teacher/grown up right now, and I think it goes without saying that the course is consuming my life and the job itself will probably carry on doing so FOR ETERNITY. BUT, my first ~Master's Level~ assignment has been handed in and I'm giving myself a little bit of a break this weekend; so I thought I would share with you the gifts that my boyfriend brought me back from his trip to Hong Kong ^_^ Prepare yourself for some picture spam.

COSMAGIC Sweet Deco Cheek Blush in Strawberry Pink. I was pretty excited when I saw this because I've seen some bloggers (i.e. Eki) using it. The packaging on this is SO CUTE, and look at the mini little blush duster you get with it xD Granted, it is not very useful at all, but I've never seen one of these before (maybe with good reason!) so it was interesting. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Review: Paul and Joe Eyebrow Powder.

Paul and Joe Eyebrown Powder

I'd been eyeing this up on for a while but was having a very hard time justifying £14.50 on an eyebrow powder, particularly because I tend to have bad luck getting the right colour matches when it comes to buying make up on line-- far too many companies seem to confuse a light tan with 'dark' and it's frustrating. Well, despite my concerns, I ended up being reckless with my money one sad Sunday evening and figured "what the heck". Anyway, this is only available on ASOS in Medium Brown 01 and Light Brown 02; so with fingers crossed, I went with the former. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've Graduated!

So, last Wednesday I officially graduated from the University of Leicester! 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A slave to comfort: Clarks Originals.

Okay, so,

I'm about two clicks away from purchasing a pair of Clarks Originals. Yeah, that's right; comfortable, delicious rubber-soled goodness. Take a look at these bad boys:

I hate flats/ballerina-slippers with a burning passion. I suppose the main reason is because I feel I look ridiculous in them and they aren't "me" at all. I prefer to wear a shoe with a bit more substance than your average dainty little flat. On the other hand, then, I LOVE heels... But I can't walk comfortably in them day to day. I walk way too fast and too far to even think about that. So where does this all leave me?

Well, buying these Mary Jane Clarks Originals, of course! At the moment, my go-to shoes are a pair of black converse which I wear with jeans and whatever on top. They're boring and can look a little awkward, so on spotting the Originals I was a pretty excited. I think they're cute, but I know Whatsherface at Sea of Shoes wouldn't bat an eyelid at these. On the site, the shoes are described as an 'elegant style' which adds 'easy to wear height' while 'the Originals crepe sole provides added comfort'. Don't they sound dreamy? I already own a pair of Clarks heels and they are the most comfortable things I've ever had on my feet. It's like wearing clouds. Anyway, these are in the sale at the moment, and the cheaper price plus the promising description is what has--in the space of the first sentence and now--led to my proceeding to checkout and placing my order. Oops. I think Clarks have got a pretty bad rep amongst young people especially for selling a lot of dowdy footwear, and for the most part I suppose I can't argue; but I have my fingers crossed for these Originals. They may not be at the height of ~~Fashion~~, but I need a change from these Converse, and fast.

Edit: They arrived yesterday (11/07/11), really quick delivery, thanks Clarks! I LOVE THEM. Cannot wait to wear ^_^ I've gotta hunt down my leather and suede shoe protector first, though. Where did I put it? Hmm.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Nail Polish & THE FEAR.

I swore up and down when I was a tween clad in tracksuits from Sports Direct and coveting new trainers, that I would NEVER EVER WEAR MAKE UP let alone nail varnish; but here I am 6 or so years later with more make up than I know what to do with, and a growing collection of polish. As the years have gone by, I've become a bit braver with regards to what I put on my face and on my fingers-- I wear a subtle smoky eye nearly every day and I can wear pastel/light coloured polishes without feeling too shy and awkward about it. HOWEVER, I can't quite get over THE FEAR when it comes to wearing anything dark on my fingers. More about that in a couple of paragraphs.

My absolute favourite varnish to wear at the moment is Barry M's Blue Moon; granted, the formula is a little streaky and you need a couple of coats, but when it's there IT'S THERE. Such a sweet colour. Berry Ice Cream is probably always and forever going to be my go-to toe colour. I was considering posting a picture, but I'd probably lose half of my followers if I did that-- nobody really wants to see feet xD

Barry M, Left to right: 290 Spring Green; 317 Blue Moon; 308 Berry Ice Cream; 119 Baby Pink;  318 Peach Melba;  264 Pink Iridescent; 54 Crystal Clear (I think-- this one is pretty old. It's described as a "Base coat, Top coat and Nail Hardener")
So, what is THE FEAR? Well, in this context, THE FEAR is the inability to wear dark colours on your nails without feelings of apprehension, embarrassment, and/or feeling generally ridiculous, and this is not because you DON'T enjoy dark colours. Infact, people with THE FEAR tend to love dark colours very much, but just cannot bring themselves to wear them on their own nails. I thought I was alone in this until a revelatory conversation held with my friend Sonal this afternoon. It turns out that she too suffers from this disease-- for the first time, I didn't feel so alone! We shared dreams of wearing magentas, blacks and flashing ruby nails in the faces of passer-bys. We finally egged eachother on to wear a dark for graduation, but nevertheless ended the conversation with a sheepish "Someday...". 

Barry M, Left to right: 47 Black; 115 Red Black; 310 Mushroom; 293 Grey.
Above you can see my meagre collection of dark shades. The Mushroom is not TOO hard to wear, but I only ever go there on a brave day. I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought Red Black. I think I wore that one day... FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES BEFORE REMOVING IT. 

Everything else, Left to right: Maybelline Express Finish Diamonds/Metal Fast in 320/830D Silver Speed; Collection 2000 Nail Bright Instant Whitener for a Natural Finish; Collection 2000 103 French White; Collection 2000 328 In the Buff; Rimmel 60 Seconds 405 Rose Libertine; Rimmel 60 Seconds 290 Frisky Clover; Rimmel 60 Seconds Grey Matter.
And a few more from my collection. I was really into that silver a couple of months ago. The Collection 2000 ones are old, the first one probably being my first nail varnish ever, actually. I love the Rimmel formula and the fact they DRY SO QUICKLY without too much deceiption. Yes please. I get so angry at the world when I've painted my nails, been fooled into thinking they're dry AND THEN RUIN THEM before I can say the word 'Shit'. I'm not patient enough for nail varnish-- is anybody?

Brights, Left to right: Paul and Joe Nail Enamel in 32; Chanel Nail Colour in 307 Orange Fizz. 
I can't see the name on the Paul and Joe packaging, but I think it may have been called something like Hatta Marie, but maybe I made that up. I absolutely love the packaging on the Paul and Joe-- I think it's the main reason for my buying it. The Chanel I won in a blog giveaway! I have some other polishes laying around, one OPI (which I'm not a fan of), a Nails Inc Beige and last but not least, some ASDA George colours xD

So, is anyone else with Sonal and I with regards to this fear? What about when it comes to other beauty related issues? Anything that you just cannot do despite really wanting to? Join our club.
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