Monday, 29 March 2010

A Saturday in London


A couple of weekends ago, Boyfriend and I went to London to make the most of our Complimentary/Free meal at Covent Garden's Carluccio's restaurant :) They managed to mess up our reservation a couple of months ago which led to us having to leave London, hungry and pissed off because it was a Saturday night and it would have been too stressful to try and find another gluten-free place to eat with room available. SO. In our rage, we e-mail some kind of manager at the restaurant, who proceeded to send us a certificate for two to dine for free. It was really, really nice. 

To begin with, we felt quite sheepish about eating for free and weren't sure what we could and couldn't have, but after consulting with the waitress, she told us--and I quote-- to "GO CRAZY!" and that we did. I got the mussel starter, the lamb steak and sautéed spinach for my main, ice cream for dessert, then a cappuccino to finish up on. On top of all the food, we were also given a bottle of wine (which we got to choose!). It was such a nice evening out.

The morning before Carluccio's we went to the Natural History Museum. Such an amazing building.


My beautiful new Leather bag from This bag was really expensive (for me, anyway), and I justified buying it by finishing one of my assessed assignments in one day! It is my dream bag, though. Closest I'm ever going to get to the Mulberry Alexa. The thing I worry about with this bag though, is the straps snapping. I tend to fill my bags to the brim, and I'm not sure if the handles can take the heat! Here is my Boyfriend modelling it for me:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bright Yellow Baya Luna bag...

 She had the loaded handbag of someone who camps out and seldom goes home, or who imagines life must be full of emergencies. -Mavis Gallant 

Bright yellow bow bag...
To keep, or not to keep; that is the question:
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer
The sighs and sorrows of an empty bank account 
or take arms against my spontaneous bag-buying 
And by opposing, bring the bag back to TK Maxx? To keep, to return:
No more; and by return to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That empty pockets are heir too...

I'm sure you quite get the point. I dragged my boyfriend into TK Maxx on the weekend, only intending to look around, try a few bags on my arm, place them back on the hangers and walk away. I think deep down I knew it wouldn't be as easy as this. I thought I was going to make it; to leave without buying anything, but that's when I saw it. A bright yellow bag with a bow on the front. Never in my life did I think I would own a yellow bag, but now I do. I know there's a fine line between unique and hideous, but I'm not sure whether I've done a flying jump over the line into the latter. 

Fyi, it was £16.99 and it's by Baya Luna who I've never heard of before, but I think I really like it. It feels very sturdy and well-made, too. I'm not sure when I would use it though, or what I would wear with it! What do you think?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Miss Selfridge

Dress: £40
Cardigan: £35
Shoes: £40
Bag: £22
Earrings: £10
(All from Miss Selfridge)

I want this outfit! So far I own the dress (it is just as beautiful in the flesh~ as it is in my wonderful Polyvore creation here). I think it would be foolish of me to say I could actually WALK in the heels shown above. No matter, though. So long as I have transport to and from the places I want to be, I could just stand around in them looking fabulous. 
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